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ICON360 Company Limited is a full-service company and has as part of its portfolio Cell tower communications sites construction; specializes in new construction and construction management; remodeling of communications sites including installation of pre-fabricated buildings, electrical, grounding and generators. ICON360 has several years’ history of building communications sites for high profile clients such as Scancom. ICON360 is a member of NATE, the National Association of Tower Erectors. We also participate in the NATE / OSHA Partnership Program which was created to promote job site safety in the communications tower industry.

Cell Tower

Tower Construction

ICON360 Tower Services is ready for your next gen communications site project. A broad range of construction services are available from our staff with over 30 years of industry experience. We’re proud to have built a large number of the new tower sites in the West African sub region, in the form of guyed, self-supporting and monopole sites. Our goals of delivering un-paralleled quality and professionalism backed by deep industry knowledge have led to our customers’ recognition as the premier tower construction company serving the Southwest. Full turn-key services are available, but no job is too small either. We’ll gladly manage any single piece of your project or handle the entire project from initial design conception all the way through to switching you on-air. Available services include design consulting, engineering, excavation, foundations, erection, antenna installation, line testing, sweeps, shelter-building installation, and equipment installation.

In partnering with customers, our processes have been tailored to meet your needs. Reliable communications, frequent updates, cost-effective construction and met timelines are essential to your successful project. Sites with zero punch-list and timely closeout documentation put a finishing touch on the professionalism you’ll come to expect from our field crews and office staff.

Our broad experience with major carriers, broadcasters, and government is well documented over our fourteen years in business and through hundreds of completed projects. It is our hope that your project will be next.

Tower Maintenance

Need maintenance to your tower site? Advanced Tower Services’ dedicated crews are well-trained and ready to respond quickly to your site.

We perform all aspects of tower site maintenance including, but not limited to:

Provide FAA lighting service (emergency service available). Flash Technology Certified Service Provider.

  • Replace antennas
  • Sweep and troubleshoot antennas
  • Perform microwave point to point path alignments
  • Test grounding system resistance and perform repairs
  • Maintain lines
  • Perform preventative equipment maintenance
  • Schedule routine site inspections
  • Perform plumb and tensioning of guyed towers
  • Provide tower structural analysis reports and recommendations
  • Paint towers
  • Maintain access roads
  • Repair foundations

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