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Our Signed Agreements/Contracts

  • ICON360 signs a major agreement with Vodafone Ghana for Rural Telephony Deployment
  • ICON360 signs FTTH agreement with Vodafone
  • ICON360 secures a contract on KNUST Takoradi campus to install underground fiber

Our Major Undertakings

Completed Projects
Icon360 has installed 30km of underground fiber for Vodafone Ghana at Akatamanso.
Icon360 has also installed 100,000 meters of aerial cables and accessories for Vodafone Ghana.
We have installed 15km of underground fiber for KNUST.

Current Projects
Icon360 has started a pilot project on rural telephony as part of an agreement with Vodafone Ghana.
In the first half of this year, we have installed 200,000 meters of fiber and accessories.

Rural Telephony Solution

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